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In terms of Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations, 2007 (as amended) used solely for Sport and Recreation (Government Gazette No. 10042 of 20 December 1985) the owner or skipper of a vessel shall at all times cause such a vessel to be navigated or otherwise operated or handled in a responsible and careful manner "by or under the constant guidance of a person .....who has the standard of knowledge and experience of....." various matters as required for the competent navigation or otherwise operating or handling of the vessel involved.

All small vessel operators are strongly urged to undergo proper training and examination and obtain a Small Power-driven Vessel Certificate of Competence. According to the Regulation the above mentioned certificate shall be sufficient proof of a person's competence as contemplated in the Regulations.

In this regard it can be noted that it permits any appointed person or organisation who has jurisdiction over the sea, the seashore, a commercial harbour, fishing harbour or inland waters to require a skipper of a vessel to be tested for his competence by a proper officer or authorised agency. The South African Underwater Union was appointed in 1985 as such an Authorised Agency allowed to undertake small vessel skipper training and conduct examinations.

Skipper Course Outline and Guide

Certificate issued
South Africa Maritime Safety Authority's Small Power-driven Vessel Certificate of Competence

Issuing Authority
South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). The information outlined in this brochure is based on and extracted from the official Document of Understanding as drawn up by the Small Power-driven Vessel Liaison Committee of SAMSA.

Course Presenter
The South African Small Craft Association has been appointed as Authorised Agency in terms of Regulation 30.1 - 5 dated 8th Month of 2007, Gazette 30151.

Course Duration
It is required that the lectures of a course offered for the small vessel certificate of competency (Category Al with no limitations) occupy a period of at least 20 hours.
The full course should be run over a period of at least two weeks to allow the candidate time to study and practice the notes given in the course. This is an essential requirement in the syllabus applicable to the rule of the road and navigation.

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