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3 Star Master Diving Certificate


To supply a framework for the training of 2 Star Advanced Divers, enabling them to obtain the 3 Star Master Diver qualification. (Recommended maximum depth – 40 metres). The 3 Star Master Diver is a fully trained, experienced and responsible diver who is considered competent to lead other divers of any grade in open water.


To attend the 3 Star Master Diver Course/Seminar

  • Must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must be in possession of a medical certificate clearing the holder as fit to participate in the sport of underwater diving. A medical practitioner using the CMAS-ISA Sport Diver medical examination form must have carried out the medical examination not more than 12 months previously
  • Must hold the CMAS-ISA 2 Star Advanced Diver certificate.
  • Must hold the CMAS-ISA Rescue Certificate.
  • A minimum of 40 dives is required to enrol on the course, of which 20 should be deeper than 18 metres. These dives must include the following:
    - Seawater dives
    - Fresh water dives
    - Boat dives
    - Low visibility dives (less than 1 metre visibility)
    - Night dives
  • To apply for the 3 Star Master Diver Certificate:
    Must attend a 3 Star Master Diver course run by registered 2 Star Instructor (Course Convenor). The course must include the following dives:
    - 2 x 30-40 metre dives;
    - 1 compass dive;
    - 1 low visibility dive;
    - 1 search and recovery dive;
    - 1 dive where light underwater work is performed;
    - 1 dive where the diver is roped to a surface tender.
    - Must pass a CMAS-ISA theory examination paper. A pass mark of 65% is compulsory;
    - Must pass the prescribed practical tests.
  • After previous qualification, the candidate must have logged at least 40 additional dives of at least 15 minutes duration (except where the special nature of the dive precludes this), of which 20 must be deeper than 18 metres. Only 2 categories of dives may be logged per dive. These 40 dives must include a combination of the following categories: 
    - 10x Sea-water dives
    - 10x Fresh water dives
    - 10x Boat dives
    - 20x Dives to a depth of between 30 and 40 metres. Two dive plans must be submitted for approval and must be kept for future reference. Two of these dives may be done in a decompression chamber.
    - 5x Low visibility dives (less than 1m)
    - 5x Compass course dives
    - 5 x Night dives
    - 2x Dives incorporating underwater searches using different search patterns on each dive
    - 1x Dive where light underwater work is performed
    - 1x Dive where the diver is roped to a surface tender
  • Act as a surface tender for a roped diver.
  • Simulate a rescue from a depth of 20m to the surface making use of buddy breathing. Simulate E.A.R. on the surface.
  • Must apply for the certificate through the Course Convenor. A valid medical certificate as stated in point 2, as well as proof of dives done as per point 9.i-x must accompany the application.
  • Dives deeper than 30m may only be done once enrolled on the course and must be done with and signed off by a diver certified to dive deeper than 30m.


The logged dives should demonstrate the diver’s broad experience of diving under varying conditions and ver a period of time suitable for the accumulation of skills and knowledge. The log should indicate those dives where the diver has been responsible for other divers or for the planning of the diving operation. Part 12 must be done within 1 year of writing the theory examination. Failing which, parts 7 & 8 must be re-done. The prerequisites mentioned above are the minimum required for the CMAS-ISA 3 Star Master Diver Certificate.