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The importance of the CMAS Divemaster to the overall CMAS training program and to each individual Instructor cannot be overstated. Divemaster training is the first leadership level in the CMAS progression. The rating denotes and individual who:

  • Has a high level of personal diving skill and knowledge of diving theory.
  • Is fully qualified to lead other divers on diving excursions and act as an underwater tour guide.
  • Has had significant training in how to assist an instructor during training activities.
  • Is able to assume a role of responsibility for the welfare of other divers in his charge.
  • The goals of CMAS-ISA Divemaster training are to
  • Enable the candidate to organise, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, both land- and boat-based.
  • Enable the candidate to effectively act as an instructor assistant to a CMAS-ISA Instructor.


The CMAS-ISA Divemaster course is designed to train qualified individuals as supervisory personnel. In this role, the Divemaster may either oversee general diving activities or serve as an underwater guide. The Divemaster may also fulfil important duties as an instructional assistant and may conduct Environmental Orientation dives.


  • To attend the Divemaster training Course an individual must:
  • Be 17 years of age or older. (Note: The Divemaster candidate is to be 17 by the starting date of training.)
  • Must be in possession of a medical certificate clearing the student as fit to participate in the sport of underwater diving, prior to participating in any practical training. A medical practitioner using the CMAS-ISA Sport Diver medical examination form, must have carried out the medical examination not more than 12 months previously.
  • Be certified as a CMAS-ISA Three Star Master Diver or an equivalent rating. This prerequisite is primarily based on individual competency in various aspects of diving. This competency level within CMAS is defined by the Three Star Master Diver certification. Therefore, the term equivalency as stated in this standard is defined as proof of certification beyond entry level; and a minimum of 50 logged open-water dives documenting experience in the following areas: night, deep (30m) and navigation (as documented in the bearer’s individual book).
  • Be certified as a CMAS-ISA Rescue Diver or an equivalent rating. The term equivalency as stated in this standard is defined as proof of certification in diving rescue from a training agency other than CMAS-ISA. The Divemaster candidate is required to undergo a Diver-Rescue Assessment. If the candidate has minor problems during this assessment, you may work with the candidate until the assessment is satisfactorily complete. If an equivalent certification is accepted, the candidate is required to submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the past three years.
  • To apply for the Divemaster Certificate
  • The individual must attend a Divemaster Course run by an In-date CMAS Two Star Instructor. (Course Convenor.)
  • The course must include the following theory lectures (as set out in the Divemaster Training Workbook)
    - Course Orientation
    - Dive Planning
    - Dive Management and Control
    - Supervising students in training
    - Boat Diving
    - Dive Tables
    - The Divemaster as a Tour Guide.
  • Must pass a theory evaluation as set out by the Course Convenor.
  • Must pass the practical tests as set in the course sequence.
  • Plan and act, as Divemaster on at least 5 dives with no less than 4 divers per group, to a minimum depth of 18 metres. Dive no 1 and 2 must be done on the course, but the last 3 dives may be done under the direct supervision of an Instructor or Divemaster appointed by the Course Convenor.
  • Have completed and logged at least 50 open-water dives.
  • The candidate must satisfy the Course Convenor that he is a worthy recipient of the CMAS-ISA Divemaster certificate.


Application for the Divemaster certificate must be done within 6 months after attending the Divemaster course, failing this, the complete course must be re-done. The prerequisites mentioned above are the minimum required for the CMAS-ISA Divemaster certificate.